The Most Beautiful TWS Speaker

WK Design-SP500
The Most Beautiful TWS Speaker

What means TWS?
TWS( True Wireless Stereo)is a wireless technology that allows two speakers to connect, sync, and play audio simultaneously. Stream audio from your phone via Bluetooth/NFC and use TWS to double your audio output and play across bigger spaces!

There are several levels of TWS speaker in the market

Lv.1 Normal TWS

Could just support a wireless connection, the sound field is a mass. That means it can not make full use of a TWS function.

Lv.2 Premium TWS

Not only a wireless connection but takes you into a right sound field, as takes you back to when and where this sound was recorded.
You could distinguish each different sound from different instruments or people when 
sit yourself in the sound filed carried out by a TWS speaker.

WK Design SP500 TWS speaker is our company's latest speaker, the Lv.2 premium one.

Provide three colors and cool packaging. 
Besides, it also supports the AUX audio input. Wire or wireless, it's up to you.

And a magnetic function, place it on any iron things as you wish!